Big Carlos Pass


Big Carlos Pass Bridge FAQs

How high with the bridge be?
The new bridge will have a 60-foot navigational clearance and will be constructed on the Gulf side of the existing bridge.
How long will construction take? 
Construction is estimated to take approximately three years and is estimated to be completed in summer 2026.
Will there be bike lanes or sidewalks on the bridge?
The bridge will have bicycle lanes, as well as a 6-foot sidewalk on the north side of Estero Boulevard and a 10-foot shared use path on the south side of Estero Blvd.
What will happen to the old bridge?
The old bridge will be dismantled and used in creation of an offshore artificial reef.  None of the old bridge will remain.  For more information on Lee County’s artificial reefs, please visit:
How long is the new bridge expected to last?
The new bridge is expected to have a life span of 75 years.
Will there be parking for the beach?  Who will manage this area?
Although, as of January 2024, this area is in the conceptual design phase, there will be parking available for the beach, including three ADA-compliant parking spaces. The parking area would be managed and operated by Lee County Parks & Recreation.  It is anticipated that the parking lot will have paid parking and restrooms would be provided.  The hours of operation are still to be determined. Lee County understands the concerns from adjacent communities regarding safety, security, trash, and noise, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss the design of the parking area and to coordinate to find solutions to shape this area into a quality resource for the citizens of Lee County. 
Click here for a conceptual parking lot plan. 
Will vehicles be able to cross while the bridge is under construction?
Yes, the existing bridge will remain in use until the new bridge is open to vehicles.